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The Queens Film Society

February 12 Meeting

11 Feb 2020 8:29 AM | Keith Marrocco (Administrator)

Greetings cinephiles!

This Wednesday, February 12 we will meet in order to pick a movie to be screened on March 25. Our meeting will be at 7 PM at the Queen Theatre. Please remember that in order to celebrate Women's History Month, all of the movies pitched this month should be movies directed by women.

In order for our meeting to run smoothly, please submit a trailer ahead of time if you plan to show one.
Remember that you can click on the button below to send us a link to a trailer.

As was done in our previous meeting, we will have one of our members present their contribution to a previous Queen Quarterly issue.

Submit trailer link

Please click below to see the trailer for this month's movie.

The Mustang Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre 2019

Pitching and selecting our movies.

Pitching and choosing a Member-Picked Flick will happen as it has in the past. 

  • Anyone who would like to pitch a movie will have 90 seconds to give the best elevator pitch they can for their movie. Your pitch must include the year and director. Once everyone has pitched we will allow some time (+- 15 minutes)  for the other members to ask questions about the movie.
  • Member will vote for the movie they would like to see (through paper ballots since some of our members do not have smartphones) and the ranked order will be revealed that evening.
  • If the movie you pitched is picked, we would like for you to introduce the movie on the day that it is shown. This introduction should be 1 or 2 minutes long and should tell the audience background information that you think is important about the movie, things to watch out for, or why it is so special to you.

Once the movies have been ranked, a committee will start with the first movie and make sure that it meets certain criteria:

  • The movie must be available through its distributors for screening on the chosen date.
  • The cost of acquiring the movie must not exceed $250.

  • The movie will be evaluated by a committee to make sure that it does not contain material that would be considered detrimental to the future of the organization or the Queen Theatre (ex.pornography or hate speech).


If the movie does not adhere to all of these points, the same considerations will be made of the movie that was ranked immediately below. 

I look forward to seeing you all this Wednesday!

Alex Garza
The Queen's Film Society 

Keep telling your friends about us so that we can have a larger membership and continue to secure funds for more of our screenings!

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